Shelby County Relay for Life has a new venue this year


January 23rd, 2013 by Ric Hanson

The Chairman of the Shelby County Relay for Life says this year’s event will be held around the square in downtown Harlan.  Since the beginning of Relay in the County, the event has always been held at Merrill Field in Harlan, with the exception of one year due to rain. However, according to Relay for Life Chair Joel McCall, those plans have changed with the recent fundraising efforts of the Harlan Community Education Foundation.

The Foundation is attempting to raise $2.1 million with $1.5 going towards upgrades at Merrill Field. The Shelby County Relay for Life Committee received word the school district will be making a decision in April on whether or not the remodeling will happen at Merrill Field this year. The Committee decided they could not wait until April to decide where the Event on Friday, June 7th will be held. Instead, the Committee reached out to the Shelby County Supervisors and Harlan City Council.

A letter was written to each entity asking their permission to use the square and courthouse area for the event. The letter said  “The Committee believes the best location for the Shelby County Relay for Life Event would be around the square in downtown Harlan. We hope this would encourage more businesses to get involved in this great cause. The American Cancer Society has a certificate of insurance so there will be no risk to the city or county entities. We ask you today for your full support to have the Shelby County Relay for Life Event on Friday June 7th, 2013 to be held around the square and the use of the Court yard area.”

The Supervisors and Harlan City Council approved the use of the square and downtown area during their meetings on Tuesday.