Trading Post

January 14th, 2013 by Stacie Linfor

FOR SALE: Antique wood burning stove, round oak parlor stove, highly ornaet with a trophy on top, excellent condition. $650; buzz saw for cutting firewood, mounts on a tractor, wide belt, sharp, like new. $250; porta-heat, blows out heat, burns kerosene or diesel. $75. 712-304-4998.

WANTED: I’d like to cut down trees for you if needed. I would prefer nothing over 2 feet wide and trees in open areas are best. If it is beside a building or house it just depends on the situation. No snow on the ground right now so it is a good time to get it done. Can’t cut down trees in Atlantic because of city ordinance but anywhere else is fine. Please call 778-4672.

WANTED:  older stereos, radios, speakers, receivers,ham, amps, etc. Also guitar or amplifier, any condition is ok for parts or repair. 515-238-3343.