Atlantic City Council to consider Parks & Rec request for dog park land


January 22nd, 2013 by Ric Hanson

The Atlantic City Council today (Wednesday), will hear a presentation with regard to a request from the City’s Parks and Recreation Board, for the partial use of land at the Schildberg Recreation Area as a dog park. Parks and Rec Director Roger Herring will make the presentation during the Council’s meeting, which begins 5:30-p.m.  at City Hall.

The Parks and Rec Board has given their approval for the conceptual use of 2.4-acres in the Schildberg Park area, but the City Council has not formally designated the area around the former Schildberg rock quarries as a municipal park, nor have they adopted a Master Plan for its development. A conceptual plan was created a decade ago, and while never formally adopted by the Council, it has been used as a guide for park improvements.

If approved by the Council during their meeting Wednesday, the Parks Board would be responsible for implementing the dog park plan, and the formal process to get the area designated as a City Park. That process includes updating the original concept plan and bringing a proposed Master Plan to Council for a public hearing and adoption.

In other business, the Council will receive an update on the Sunnyside Tennis Court renovation project, which is projected to cost around $241,000. City crews have already removed a fence, light poles, and old asphalt surface for the tennis courts, in an effort to reduce costs. It’s expected the Council will act on setting February 20th as the date for a public hearing and bid letting on the project.

The Council will also consider and possibly act on approving an agreement with Snyder and Associates for engineering services associated with the 2013 Sanitary Sewer Improvement projects, the cost for which will amount to an estimated $238,000. They will also consider and possibly act on the 7th Street Traffic Signal Improvement Project, which includes the final plans and specifications needed to modify traffic lights along 7th Street, at the Plum, Olive, Walnut, Chestnut and Poplar Street intersections.  The estimated cost of the project, which is included in the City’s Capital Improvement Plan, will cost about $179,000, and will likely be paid for using bond proceeds and some operating funds.