Atlantic School Board discusses Athletic Facilities needs

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December 11th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

The Atlantic School Board Monday, heard a report from High School Assistant Prinicipal/Activities Director Josh Rasmussen, with regard to the condition of the district’s athletic facilities. Rasmussen showed the board pictures of conditions at the Trojan Bowl, Baseball Field, Softball Field, Middle School and Schuler Gyms, the Middle School practice field and wrestling/multi-purpose room.

Superintendent Dr. Michael Amstein asked Rasmussen to take pictures of the areas district administrators and others have noticed are in need of repair or renovation. Rasmussen said at the Trojan Bowl, some of the issues brought up include: No restrooms for visitors except portable-style facilities, and the need to expand current restrooms; the need for a bigger concessions stand away from the exit and entrance; need for additional storage space, and no handicapped accessibility to the bleachers.

Rasmussen also talked about the baseball and softball fields. He said there is no ticket booth, the field is not level, there is no handicapped accessibility, which is something that must be addressed. Others concerns with both fields, include: No permanent bleachers; parking issues; drainage issues at the softball field; and safety improvements to the dugouts. As for the Middle School Gym, Rasmussen says the bleacher need to be replaced for safety reasons, new scoreboard are needed because the current boards are becoming obsolete, and the weightlifting area needs to be updated and equipment replaced.

New scoreboards are needed in the Schuler gym, along with new bleachers and an activity divider curtain. And, Rasmussen says in the Wrestling/Multi-Purpose room, there should be an enclosed breezeway connecting the room to the main building, an expansion of the multi-purpose room to include a locker room, and the addition of more storage space.

The school board agreed the next step would be to make “Requests for Proposals” (RFP’s), so experts can come in and offer an assessment of the situation, offer solutions to any problems with the athletic facilities, real or perceived, and what the costs might be.