Adair County sheriff warns of mail thieves


December 8th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

The Sheriff in Adair County is warning area residents of mail thieves in the region. Sheriff Brad Newton says his office has received about 30 reports of theft from mailboxes since Thursday, stretching from Greenfield to Stuart. Deputies say people are finding piles of mail in the middle of the street. Investigators believe the thief or thieves are taking all the contents from mailboxes, rifling through them for the items they want, then dumping the rest. Newton says he believes the thieves are looking for Christmas cards with cash in them.

The sheriff says the best way to thwart the thieves is to beat them to your mailbox. He says residents should retrieve their mail as soon as it’s delivered, if possible. He also advises residents who see any suspicious vehicles in their area to write down the license plate numbers, and call the Adair County Sheriff’s Office at 641-743-2148.

Newton says they believe a white vehicle carrying two young male subjects may be connected to the thefts, but no other descriptions are available.