County Convention Celebrates Youth Success

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November 1st, 2012 by Ric Hanson

The Cass County Extension Service reports County 4-H’ers will receive awards at County 4-H Convention on Sunday, November 11. The annual awards program will begin at 3:30-PM at the Cass County Community Center, and is being organized by the 2011-2012 4-H Youth Council. At County Convention, members and leaders of all fifteen 4-H clubs in Cass County will be presented on stage to receive recognition. Record book project awards will be announced and $100 savings bonds from the Cass County Fair Association will be presented to the winners based on their participation in the Cass County Fair and completion of 4-H record books.

Thirteen local club leaders will be recognized for their service to the 4-H program. Receiving five year recognition are Dent and Cindy Petty, Cass County RAMS; Aaron Saeugling, Cass County RAMS; Jeff Roads, Cass County RAMS; Becky Dreager, Grove HOT; and Katrina Sonntag; Brighton. Rodney Sothman; Union Leaders and Kathy Ankenbauer; C & M Champions are receiving ten year recognition. Marlene Miller is receiving 15 year recognition for her service with just the Cowpokes among other leader roles. Julie Williamson; Benton Franklin is also receiving 15 year recognition.

Kevin Paulsen; Grant Guys & Gals is receiving his 20 year pin. The McCrory family will be recognized for a combined 60 years of volunteer leadership. Both members of the couple serve the Union Leaders 4-H club. Jerry McCrory is receiving his 25 year pin and Kathee McCrory is receiving her 35 year pin. The 4-H Alumni Award, Honorary Member Award, and Distinguished Service Awards will also be presented during County Convention. Special recognition will be given to 4-H clubs for outstanding community service projects, Herdsmanship at fair, volleyball tournament winners, Share the Fun Contest winners, 4-H Endowment Fund contributors, and window displays during National 4-H Week.

Club officers will also be recognized for their outstanding work. 4-H’ers who are members of the 2011-2012 Cass County Youth Council are Katelyn Blake, Aaron Buboltz, Linnea Casey, Heather Reyna, Diana Perkins and Haley Schmidt. Final activities of the day will be the announcement and installation of the 2012-2013 4-H Youth Council and Intermediate Youth Council. Parents, relatives and friends are invited to attend and recognize Cass County 4-H members and leaders for their accomplishments during the past year.