Cold front is coming, highs will drop from 60s & 70s tomorrow to 20s and 30s by Monday

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November 9th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

Forecasters say it’ll be one of “those” weekends in Iowa, where you may be comfy in a t-shirt and shorts one hour, and then the next, you’ll need gloves, a scarf and your winter parka. Meteorologist Kevin Skow, at the National Weather Service, says we’d better enjoy the mild weather while it lasts.  “Saturday looks to be the best of the days,” Skow says. “Temperatures rising into the upper 60s north and into the mid-70s south, but we have a cold front that’ll sweep through on Saturday night into Sunday and that’s going to really drop our temperatures off.” He says we’ll see the weather make an abrupt about-face in the next few days.

“We’re looking to see temperatures drop off into the mid-30s north to lower 60s south on Sunday,” he says. “By Monday, temperatures across the state will be in the upper 20s north to mid-30s south for highs.” Warmer weather will be very slow to rebound, Skow says, as highs may inch back into the 40s later in the week.

(Radio Iowa)