Atlantic City Council to act on Sunnyside Park Resolution TIF Policy


November 6th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

The Atlantic City Council is expected to act on a couple of resolutions, and possibly set the date for the first reading of an ordinance changing the speed limit on a portion of West 22nd Street, during their meeting 5:30-p.m. Wednesday, at City Hall. One of the Resolutions pertains to approving the plans, specifications, and Form of Contract for the Sunnyside Park Tennis Court Project.

The Council last summer tabled action on the matter, and it’s expected they’ll act to table the items until next January or February, at the request of Snyder and Associates Engineers and Parks and Rec Director Roger Herring, in order to allow the City to secure the best bid prices for the work. The other Resolution pertains to the establishment of a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Policy.

The Council received a Resolution establishing a new TIF Policy during their last meeting, but additional comments and input was received from local developer Don Sonntag, and, from City Bonding Attorney Bob Josten. The Resolution was revised by Josten to allow the Council more flexibility, and make language in the Resolution more “open-ended.” Among the changes Josten recommends, is Property Tax Rebates as the preferred method of giving TIF assistance. In his report, Josten said issuing TIF bonds would result in additional costs to the City that would eat up the City’s limited legal debt capacity. The Council will decide which if any, of the proposed changes to the policy it would like to incorporate into the final document.

In other business, the Council, Wednesday, will receive a report from the Community Protection Committee, with regard to reducing the speed limit on West 22nd Street, from Chestnut to Palm Streets, from 45- to 35-miles per hour. As we reported earlier, the Committee, on October 25th, met to discuss a petition the City received in support of the change. Despite findings that indicate the road is capable of handling the current speed limit, and a report from Police Chief Steve Green that there has not been a problem with accidents on that stretch of road, the Committee, with Green’s recommendation, proposes the Council amend the Traffic Ordinance to reduce the speed limit to 35-mph. If the Council agrees to do so, the first reading of an ordinance incorporating the change, would be held on November 20th.

The Council will also act on approving a change order that adds 20 working days to the 2012 Hot Melt Asphalt (HMA) street project contract with Henningsen Construction, Incorporated, due to Oak Street Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) reconstruction time used to construct sidewalk ramps for the City on a separate grant-funded project, and, a change order for the 2012 PCC Paving and Storm Sewer Improvements project with Carley Construction, LLC, that will result in a net savings to the City amounting to just over $1,253.