From “Big Dog” to “The Boss” — campaign gets more intense


October 15th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

The two presidential campaigns continue their press to win Iowa and the state’s six votes in the Electoral College. Mitt Romney visited Iowa last week. This week, President Obama is due to visit Wednesday. Former President Bill Clinton led a Friday night rally in Sioux City for Christie Vilsack, a Democratic candidates for congress, but Clinton spent a good portion of his speech targeting issues like Medicare that are at the heart of the presidential race.

“I decided in this election I wasn’t going to give a lot of whoop-de-do speeches. I’m trying to explain things to people. I got offered the job of ‘secretary of explaining stuff’ — you may have seen that,” Clinton said, getting whoops from the crowd for that reference to the reaction to his speech at the Democratic National Convention. The presidential campaigns have been bringing in a host of people to try to turn out voters in Iowa.

On Tuesday night, Scott Walker, the Republican governor of Wisconsin, will visit a Republican phone bank in Cedar Rapids. On Thursday, musician Bruce Springsteen will headline an early voting rally in Ames for the Obama campaign.

(Radio Iowa)