Trading Post

October 12th, 2012 by Chris Parks

WANTED: Year books from Exira Community School for the years of 1977, 1976, 1977.  Call 712-268-2668.

WANTED: Willing to cut down trees if you cannot afford a tree service.  Will not be able to cut trees in Atlantic though.  The work would be done to help people out, as he would not use the wood for personal use.  He would not be able to do anything more than 2 feet across…also could only cut down trees in more open areas. 778-4672

WANTED:  X Box game system with two controllers and games.  Also 2 PS@ controllers and games.  712-326-4990.

YARD SALE:  202 W 5th Street in Atlantic Apt 2.

FOR SALE:  Parrot cage with lots of extra accessories.  Also a 20 gallon fish aquarium and other extras.  243-4308.

FOR SALE:  Cockapoo chocolate male puppy.  $300.  249-6930.