Cass County Library Directors report to Supervisors & request funding


October 25th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

Directors of the Cass County Library Association presented their annual (Fiscal Year 2012) report to the County Board of Supervisors, Wednesday morning. The Directors also requested funding for fiscal year 2014 in the amount of $60,600, which is unchanged from the past two fiscal years. The funds, if approved during the budgeting process, would be divided among the County’s six libraries.  Griswold Library Director Cindy Miller told the Board that while the overall circulation numbers are down, that’s in-part because of changes in the way libraries are being used, and the increased use of technology.

The numbers show the libraries are keeping busy in many ways, with people using other services within the facilities, other than to check-out books and materials. Much of the focus has been on using technology to search for employment, update their resumes, conducting research for education and other, similar purposes. The level of service she says is nearly equal among the six libraries in the County, only the atmosphere and offerings differs. Miller said the challenge they face is keeping up with technology. So far, she says, they’ve able to do so. She said going digital has been a huge transformation for the since there is a demand for both printed and digital materials, so the libraries are doing their best to broaden technology to keep up with that demand.

Among the changes visitors to the area libraries will notice, is: In Atlantic, a digitization of the Genealogical records and related collections. In Addition, Library Director Carol Stanger is retiring, and will be succeeded by Meredith Scherb; In Cumberland, there’s a new addition to the library, with a new children’s and activity room; There’s a brand new library in Lewis. An open house will be held for the facility on November 3rd, beginning at 1-p.,m.; In Massena, where there is also a nearly new building, they’ve been working on landscaping and the entryway. In Griswold, work has started on a new addition. It should be finished by the 1st of next year. They’ve also installed new technology, with the aid of grants, and from donations.