Cass County Engineer frustrated by vandalism along Landfill bridge road


October 24th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

Cass County Engineer Charles Marker said the bridge to the County Landfill which had been closed last week for repairs, has reopened, but there has been a delay in the arrival of guardrails that were ordered. Rather than keep the bridge closed until the guardrails are installed, they elected to re-open it, but install snow barriers to keep people away from the edge of the bridge. The barriers were just installed, and already they have been destroyed. The barrier was torn down by someone Tuesday night. They hadn’t even been up for a whole day. It was tossed into a ditch, which Marker says is very “aggravating.”

He issued a warning to those responsible for removing the safety barriers, and he urged people who live near the bridge to be watchful for suspicious activity in the area. He says if the activity ceases, they will keep the bridge open, but if it continues, they will be forced to close the bridge again, for liability reasons. Marker says they need the public’s help to make sure the damage doesn’t happen again.