Cass County Democratic Party Chair says political signs are being stolen/vandalized


October 8th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

The Chair of the Cass County Democratic Party says campaign signs for candidates running for public office are being stolen or vandalized in Atlantic. Sherry Toelle (Tell’ee) says while some people feel that political signs being stolen and/or vandalized “Is merely a prank, ” it is far more than that.  She says “It is trespassing, destruction and/or theft of personal property, and a violation of people’s right to free speech.”

Toelle says she has had numerous reports of Democratic yard signs being stolen and/or vandalized from all parts of Atlantic. She says “What the vandals do not realize is that this only helps our Democratic candidates’ purses as these signs must be purchased from the campaigns, adding to their coffers. So, for every sign destroyed, the vandal is actually causing more money to go to the campaigns.”

And, for the record, Cass County Republicans say their signs are also being taken or vandalized, in Atlantic.

According to Iowa law, a person could be charged with criminal mischief for vandalizing a sign or fifth-degree theft for stealing a campaign sign.