Burn Ban to be lifted in Cass County


October 24th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

The last County in southwest Iowa to rescind its ban on opening burning did so today (Wednesday). Cass County Emergency Management Coordinator Mike Kennon told the Board of Supervisors and the media during the Board’s meeting Wednesday morning, that the Burn Ban would cease effective at Noon today. The ban has been in place for the past three-months. Kennon cautioned however, that if dry conditions return, the fire danger will return as well.

He says area Fire Chiefs are still concerned about unsupervised burns of large brush piles, which can smolder for days, left unattended.  Kennon says County residents still need to call their local fire chief if large outdoor burning is planned. He said you should also call the Cass County Communications Center at 243-2204 to report open burning plans before the fires are lit, so area departments aren’t sent out by calls to the Comm Center from concerned citizens and motorists who think a fire is wild or out of control.

Kennon says overall the Burn ban was successful, but there was some confusion about what was considered to be an “Open Burn,” versus outdoor recreational-type fire activities. He says those in a pit outside your home for barbeques and such, has always been allowed. He blames himself for the frustration and confusion among the public for not getting enough information out through the media, and making it clear what a “Burn Ban,” covers.