Atlantic mom says missing teens had romanticized running away


October 15th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

An Atlantic woman says her son and another local teen who ran away with two 15-year old girls from eastern Iowa, teens planned their escapade, based on a romantic notion. Crystal Sunderman, is the mother 16-year old Corey Sunderman.

Corey Sunderman (photo provided by his family)

She told KJAN News that her son, along with 13-year old Austin Boggs, went missing over the weekend, along with Skie (Sky) Floyd and Jazlyn Visek. Sunderman says Skie and Austin had been dating. She said the event had been “Set up for a while.” She says all four teens planned it, and that Jazlyn’s dad agreed that the girls had “Romanticized this and are going to hold out for all it’s worth,” thinking they are “cool.”

Sunderman says the teens may be on their way to Florida for a skateboarding event. She says Corey and Austin are “serious skateboarders,” and they’ve been bragging about going to a skateboarding park in Tampa or Miami. They mentioned there’s free room and board for skateboarders in that area. She says her son left home with about $400 in cash, but even if he runs out of money, he’ll find a way to get more, because “He’s very resourceful.”

Austin Boggs

Crystal Sunderman passed along a personal message to the teens. She said “This may seem exciting, but you really have no idea what you’re in for.” She says as much trouble the kids think they might be getting into, as their parents, they will try to “Protect them as much as possible,” and get them the help they need. She implored them to contact “Anybody, from any phone. You don’t have to tell us where you are if you don’t want to, just let us know you’re okay.”