Update: Sept. 6th, 2012: Shelby County Fire Danger Index remains “Extreme”

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September 6th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

Shelby County Emergency Management Coordinator Bob Seivert said today (Thursday), that the Fire Danger Index will remain in the “Extreme” category in Shelby County. Seivert says his office will continue to monitor any rain that falls over the weekend, to see if there is any impact on reducing the fire danger. Farmers in the area are working on bringing in their crops, and as the amount of available fuel for explosive fire growth…corn, beans, and tall grasses.. are removed from the equation, the threat of uncontrolled fires will continue to diminish as well. The next scheduled update on the fire conditions, is expected on Monday, Sept. 10th.

In the meantime, extra precautions should be taken while farmers are out in the field, to ensure their machines are free of debris and that fires are not started behind those implements while the harvest is underway.