Iowa band wins $25k in website contest


September 13th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

Officials with, a digital distribution platform for artists, bands, and record labels, have announced two bands, one from Minnesota, the other from Iowa, has received $25,000 each, following a vote-driven, internet contest. “Crankshaft and the Geargrinders,” from Minnesota, and “Randy Burk and the Prisoners” from Iowa were announced as the winners of the contest, during which  fans could cast a vote every hour for 90-days.  Originally, there was only one $25,000 top prize designed to help an artist or band, jumpstart their career, but the online venue decided the top two musicians receiving votes would each receive the big prize.

Randy Burk and the Prisoners, whose lead singer is Atlantic native Randy Burk, will use  their prize money to record a new album at Iowa recording studio, The Sonic Factory. In a press release, the 39-year old Burk said “We could record anywhere in the country and have great contacts in Nashville and California, but think it’s important to keep the money here, rooted to the fans and community that supported us in this contest, helped us win, and support us everyday.”