Atlantic-based band ranks 2nd in National Music Contest


September 5th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

Atlantic native Randy Burk, front man for the band “Randy Burk and the Prisoners” ranks second in a national contest music contest, but needs your web votes within a couple of days, to win a $25,000 cash prize to help jumpstart his career. The contest is sponsored by, which is an online platform developed to allow emerging musical artists to sell music and connect with fans directly.

To peak interest in the new site, which was launched earlier this year, Artist Signal began a 90-day vote driven contest with a $25,000 cash prize for its winner to jumpstart their career.  Artist Signal’s second and final 90-day contest is about to conclude, and the band in the number two position, less than 20 votes from the #1 spot is from Atlantic.  While in the number 2 position in the contest (with a more than 77,000 voting lead over the number three slot), Randy Burk and the Prisoners is holding strong, but needs Iowa support to make it to number one.

“Randy Burk and the Prisoners” band

Burk said in a press release that “$25,000 would be life changing for our band.” He says they will use the money to record, and tour a new album. Burk says it’s been eight-years since their last album released, and “It’s hard to get the capital together to get the next one done.” The songs, he says “Come easy, the money’s hard.”

The 39-year old Burk has been touring for over 11 years with the Prisoners, delivering music in the rich tradition of artists like Steve Earle, Johnny Cash, and Dave Alvin.  The next Randy Burk and the Prisoners album is written and ready to go, and Iowa recording studio, The Sonic Factory is already on board to record it, awaiting the result of the contest. makes it easy to vote by logging in through your Facebook account.  You can vote every hour, and it takes just the click of a “vote” button.