Tennis Courts at Sunnyside Park in Atlantic won’t be ready for Spring action

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August 21st, 2012 by Ric Hanson

Atlantic Parks and Rec Director Roger Herring said Monday, that the tennis courts at Sunnyside Park likely won’t be ready in time for the high school tennis season, because of a delay in getting bids for the project, and related logistics. He says it’s unlikely because asphalt plants won’t be up and running until May 1st or the middle of that month, due to outside temperatures. Tennis tournament action typically starts in Mid-day.

The Atlantic City Council on August 1st, tabled until November 7th, a Resolution approving the plans and specifications for the Sunnyside Tennis Court reconstruction project, due to a lack of bids. Snyder and Associates Engineer Dave Sturm told the Council contractors are extremely busy right now, they practically had to beg for an active bids. Sturm said they ended up taking just one bid, but it was more than $40,000 over what was budgeted for. The Engineer’s original cost estimate was $241,000.The project will be paid for through bond proceeds, grants, and with payments from the Atlantic Community School District. Sturm said after discussing the situation with Roger Herring and the Parks and Rec Board, it was decided to reject the bid and request bids for the project again at a later date.

Herring told the Parks and Rec Board Monday, that they’re exploring the use of “in-kind services,” to prepare the court area for work next Spring. That includes removal of fences and posts. As a result, the courts will not be available at all next Spring. Herring says the use of in-kind work should help to lower some of the costs associated with the project.

In other business, the Parks and Rec Board approved the purchase of playground equipment for Pellett Park. The playground equipment called “Freedom to Play,” will run about $17,000, and includes climbing apparatus, rope ladders, and other attractions. A similar set-up cost about $1,000 less, but was not as aesthetically pleasing to the Board members, and has less attractions for young people.

And, Adam Wieser, with Atlantic Boy Scout Troop 54, presented his proposal for an Eagle Scout project at Sunnyside Park, to the Board. The project involves re-landscaping an area near the park shelter to include new perennial flowers, Hostas, repainting and lighting the flag pole, setting stepping stones in place, a sign, and other work. He said he’d like to start on the project this Fall, and completed by next Spring. Weiser said the project would be paid for through donations. The Board moved to approve the Eagle Scout project and thanked Weiser for his contribution to beautifying the park.

Another Eagle Scout project, this one by Casey Ihnen, is nearly complete at the Schildberg Recreation Area. It features several new, strategically place park benches and sponsor or memorial plaques. Herring said the project has been very well received by the public.