Fall grant application deadline nears for Cass & Audubon County non-profit groups


August 21st, 2012 by Ric Hanson

Officials with the Cass and Audubon County Community Foundations remind residents in those respective counties, that September 1st is the deadline for groups and organizations within either county, to apply for grant monies through the online fall grant application process. In Cass County, $21, 380 is available from the combined Lawrence and Mary Turner-, Griswold Community Development- and Triumph Endowed Funds. Only organizations in Cass County are eligible to share in those funds.

In Audubon County, a total of $32,180 is available from the combined Audubon Masonic Association-, Audubon State Bank/Stephen Garst- Leon and Iva Milliman-,the Charles and Kathleen Manatt-, Fred and Evelyn Nissen-, and the Merle and Norma Petersen- Endowed Funds. Only organizations providing services in Audubon County are eligible to share those grant funds.In both counties, all completed applications will be considered at the Iowa Community Foundations’  Board meeting, with notification of results by the end of October.

More information and the grant applications can be found online. Cass County non-profit groups and organizations can surf to www.iowacommunityfoundations.org/casscef.  Groups in Audubon County simply need to change the words following the slash (/) mark to auduboncef. Additional information can be obtained by calling your respective Community Foundation Chairman. In Cass County the chair is Nicholas Hunt (243-5485), and in Audubon County Brett Irlmeier is the Chair (563-2644). Grant application specific questions may be directed to Dennis Nissen at 1-800-794-3458.