Atlantic City Council to hold readings on dumping, private well & No parking ordinances


August 14th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

The Atlantic City Council will take action on a trio of ordinances during their meeting Wednesday evening, at City Hall. The Council will hold the second reading of Ordinance #940, which serves to amend the ordinance, by adding a new chapter pertaining to “Illegal Dumping.” The first reading was held August 1st. The Director of the Cass County Landfill has asked County and City officials to adopt the ordinance, so that there may be consistent rules and enforcement, throughout the County. The Ordinance would make it illegal to “dump garbage, litter, refuse, rubbish, rubble, solid waste or waste building materials in or on any private or public place within the City of Atlantic, except in authorized receptacles, or in a state licensed sanitary disposal facility.

The second ordinance (#941), amends the City’s Code of Ordinances, by adopting a section entitled “Private Wells.” It comes as a result of the Iowa Dept. of Natural Resources modifying their rules, and pertains to the reclassification of the old street garage site and two other sites, from “Low” to “High” risks for contamination. The ordinance would prohibit water wells (except closed-loop systems), from within 1,000-feet of the sites at 1408 East 7th Street, 100 west 2nd Street, and 211 Commerce Street.

And, the Council will act on passing all three readings of an ordinance pertaining to No Parking zones on the east side of Linn Street, from 7th-to 8th Streets. It prohibits parking on the street from 7:45-a.m. to 3:15-p.m., while the school bus is loading and unloading preschool students. In a related matter, the Atlantic City Council will act on approving a request from Atlantic School District Transportation Director Dave Eckles, and Police Chief Steve Green, calling for the creation of a “School Bus Loading Zone,” on the east side of the old Lincoln School, as that building is being used for preschoolers who would normally attend the Washington School.

The Council is also scheduled to hear a report from Chief Green during their meeting, which begins at 5:30-p.m., Wednesday.