Karli Jo Brown sent back to prison


July 30th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

A Red Oak woman who was released from prison less than two-weeks ago, after her sentence for motor vehicle homicide by reckless driving was reconsidered, will end-up serving the remainder of her original prison sentence. According to Omaha Television station KETV, 4th District Court Judge James Heckerman, Monday, revoked 20-year old Karli Jo Brown’s 5-year probation, after she was arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor domestic assault just three-days after being released from prison. Heckerman was the justice who granted Brown’s request to reconsider her sentence, and suspended the two, concurrent 10-year sentences  she was given in November 2011, for her role in an accident that occurred one year earlier. The crash happened while Brown tried to pass two vehicles going uphill in a no-passing zone.

The accident claimed the lives of 4-year old Alex and 5-year old Maliki Todd, from Cumberland. Their mother Nina McNeese, was seriously injured. Investigators said Brown — who lived in Essex at the time — was traveling at approximately 74-miles per hour, and texting her then boyfriend within minutes, or seconds of the accident that happened near Red Oak on Highway 48.

Brown served eight-months of her sentence before asking the judge to reconsider. On July 21st, Red Oak Police responded to a domestic assault call at an apartment occupied by Brown’s husband, Zachary Cox. The couple was arrested after officers found red marks on his face, and scratches on his neck. Both persons said they had been assaulted by the other, but Brown showed no visible marks. Brown had been held in the Montgomery County Jail since her arrest following the domestic incident, on $20,000 bond.

KETV says in revoking Brown’s probation and ordering her to serve her original sentence, Judge Heckerman told the woman she used poor judgment in confronting her husband that weekend, just like she did the day she drove the car that killed the two preschoolers.