Cass County Board of Supervisors Meeting Recap


July 11th, 2012 by admin

The Cass County Board of Supervisors had their regularly scheduled meeting Wednesday morning at the Cass County Courthouse.

On the agenda first was the assignment of county held tax sale certificates of purchase to the city of Cumberland for a piece of property located in the town.  The supervisors unanimously approved the sale.  The city of Cumberland will primarily use the property for restoration work and then possibly re-sell to any interested bidders.

The board then heard from County Attorney Dan Feistner, who talked about the counties ongoing policy of directly negotiating collective bargaining with unions.  Supervisor Reiken agreed that there are several advantages to keeping the negotiating process local rather than hiring outside help.

The board also heard from county engineer Charles Marker, who spoke about road work taking place on county road M56 around Marne.  He says work is ongoing on paving county road M56 between Marne and I-80.

Marker says Marne Mayor Randy Baxter asked if other roads in town could be paved as well. They include the road in front of the post office and the bar.  He says the Marne City Council has already agreed the city would eventually pay for that work on the roads.

The supervisors also received a written letter from the Cass County Historical Society updating the board on some of there recent work in the county.