Atlantic PD Plans for Deer Hunt


July 20th, 2012 by admin

The Atlantic Police Department has begun planning for a deer hunt this year after the city council recently passed an ordinance providing that hunting be allowed for deer within the Atlantic city limits.

The Atlantic Police Department is now taking calls from residents that would like to hunt their own land or would allow a licensed hunter to hunt on their property.

Property owners that have a number of deer on their land or have experienced deer problems may contact the Atlantic Police Department and give their address and phone number so a list can be compiled of available lands.  Hunters will then be given information to seek the land owner’s permission to hunt on specific properties.  Larger parcels may be hunted by more than one hunter.  If a landowner is not contacted by a hunter they are encouraged to call the Atlantic Police Department and they will attempt to get a hunter for your land.

All hunters will be tested for competency and safety prior to being issued a city hunting permit.  The hunters will be limited to hunting antler-less deer.  No land may be hunted without authorization of the Atlantic Police Department.

This ordinance arose after many complaints of deer being struck by vehicles and property damage.

Please call the Atlantic Police Department at 243-3512 with any questions.