Al Capone’s niece tours Templeton Rye Brewery


July 31st, 2012 by Ric Hanson

A relative of Chicago legend Al Capone has written a book about her unique life.

Deirdre Capone

Deirdre Capone is the grand niece of legendary mobster Al Capone. She says she decided to publish her book after starting it when she was 11 years old. The woman is the last living member of the family born with the famous last name. Her grandfather was Al Capone’s oldest brother and business partner. On Monday, Deirdre Capone stopped in Templeton to tour the infamous Templeton Rye brewery and get a taste of what Al called “The Good Stuff”. She said one of the reasons she wanted to tour the facility was because her family spoke about the whiskey they use to get in the small town in Iowa. Capone says one of the main purposes of the book is to tell a different side of Al Capone.

Al Capone: The Untold Story from inside his family

 The book features several insightful stories into the life of Deirdre and Al including information on how the Capone’s made their money and what happened to Al when he was locked up in Alcatraz. She says “That’s when you hear that Al got violent and they had to put him in solitary confinement. They were injecting my Uncle with mercury and said that would cure his syphilis.” 

She says the book will give insight on things previously not made public. The book is subtitled ‘The Untold Story from Inside his family.’ Capone says there are many many things about the Capone family that nobody knows. She said her children were a heavy influence on releasing the book when she told them about being related to the Italian mobster. According to Capone, her four children “Begged her to write the book.”  When people ask her “Was Al Capone a mobster?’ She says “Yes he was.” But “ Was he a monster? No he was not.” 

The book is titled Uncle Al Capone the Untold Story from inside His Family and can be purchased anywhere books or sold or online at Deirdre Capone is touring Western Iowa and is stopping in Carroll at the Carrollton Inn this (Tuesday) evening, beginning at 6 when she will sign copies of her book. That will be followed at 7 by a special screening of the movie “Capone’s Whiskey: The Story of Templeton Rye,” and a social/cocktail at 8:15, featuring a Q&A session with Deirdre Capone. The cost of the event is $10 per person, and includes a Templeton Rye cocktail.

(courtesy Joel McCall/KNOD)