Trevor Frederickson Memorial Fund donates to local organizations


June 29th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

A local organization has been busy distributing funds to non-profit groups and organizations.

Chris Jimerson of the Atlantic Little League is receiving $500.00 (Photo courtesy Melanie Petty)

Melanie Petty, with the Trevor Frederickson Memorial Fund, says they recently gave $200 to the Friends of Lake Anita group, for the annual fishing clinic held each week in June, $500 to the Atlantic Little League organization, to assist with coaching fees related to the Trevor Frederickson Baseball/Softball Clinics which are held each Spring, and $250 to the Cass County Fair Board, to help sponsor the Bull Ride at this year’s Cass County Fair. 

Josh Peach, representing the Friends of Lake Anita, is shown receiving $200.00

The Trevor Frederickson Memorial Fund has donated over $35,000 back into the community in the past three-years.  The fund’s only fundraiser is the annual TFred Memorial Golf Tournament held each August.  This year’s tournament will be held on August 11th at the Nishna Hills Golf Club.  Petty says they are still actively looking for hole sponsorships and silent auction items.

Shane Smith of the Cass County Fair Board is shown receiving $250.00


Contact Melanie Petty at 249-3696 if you are interested in help out.  Trevor, a 2006 graduate of Atlantic High School lost his life in an apartment fire in 2009.