Trading Post

June 28th, 2012 by Chris Parks

FOR SALE: 1 Long Parlor Bench.  1 RCA 32″ TV.  Call 783-4476.

FREE: Older cook books.  243-7747.

WANTED: Willing to cut down trees if you cannot afford a tree service.  Will not be able to cut trees in Atlantic though.  The work would be done to help people out, as he would not use the wood for personal use.  He would not be able to do anything more than 2 feet across…also could only cut down trees in more open areas.  778-4672. FOR SALE: Camping firewood.  778-4672.

WANTED: A chain saw of any brand.  Would like it to have at least a 16 inch bar and would be willing to pay between $50 and $60.  FOR SALE: Four, 15 inch rims on a 5 bolt pattern.  Currently on 2 tires in good shape and 2 tires in average shape.  They are American racing brand.  Could be used for a vehicle like a Ford Ranger or Torres or a Dodge Dakota, but not a Chevy.  $30 per rim, he’ll let you keep the tires.  304-2587 in Exira.

FOR SALE: 1989 Dodge Dakota.  2 WD, black with silver lining and red interior, v6, has about 170,000 miles.  Might need a little work.  $1,000.  304-4262.

FOR SALE: garden trellis $50 obo. 712-250-4420

FOR SALE: pair of 40 channel CB’s $25 for pair; set of walkie talkies – go about 10 blocks $15; 27″ tv, nice $15. 712-243-3396.