Shelby County Road closed for repairs for at least 5 days


June 22nd, 2012 by Ric Hanson

Shelby County Emergency Management Coordinator Bob Seivert says 2200th Street, just west of the intersection of 2200th Street and Road M56, is currently closed for repairs between Jefferson Townships 15 and 22, in Shelby County. The road will be closed during the construction process, which is expected to last approx 5 days, depending on weather. Emergency responders and others should plan to take alternate routes while work on the road is being conducted.  If you have any questions, please call the county engineer at 712-755-5954.

Seivert reminds emergency responders that it is  illegal  for  an emergency vehicle,  as well as the motoring public to violate a work zone.  When  approaching a work zone with  an emergency vehicle,  recommended procedure is to stop and have the flagman or traffic controller clear the work zone prior to your entering it.  Entering  an unsafe work zone could result in your vehicle being disabled by the hazard being repaired,  or could result  in you striking a worker who does not expect you there.  Contractors and  County work  crews will make  every effort to make your passage through the work zone expeditious and safe.