Medivac Ambulance Service changes ownership


June 21st, 2012 by Ric Hanson

There’s been a change in ownership at Medivac Ambulance Service. David Miller and his wife Donita have owned the company based in Harlan, since 1979. Miller spoke about the change and trends that they’ve seen over the past year before the Atlantic City Council, during their meeting Wednesday night. He said their over-all call volume has pretty much stayed the same over the past year as the primary paramedic/advanced life-support provider. They average about 1,200 ambulance calls per year. Miller says over the past year, they have increased their staff somewhat. He says two, full-time paramedics have moved from Nebraska into the community of Atlantic and purchased real estate. One of the paramedics has more than 20-years of experience. 

Miller says he celebrated his 40th year in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) this year, and, while he’s enjoyed his career, “All goods things must come to and end.” With that having been said, Miller introduced the new owners of Medivac, Bob and Nella Seivert, of Harlan. He said the couple has been with the company for 28-years individually, and nothing will change as far as how things operate. 

Bob Sievert said he and his wife moved to the area in 1984, from northwest Iowa. He said they’ve watched Medivac and the EMS field grow over the years. Nell Seivert is an instructor in several areas for the American Heart Association. Bob Sievert serves as the Emergency Management Coordinator for Shelby County, a position he will retain. Nell will become the Operations Manager for the both the Harlan and Atlantic Medivac service. 

Seivert says LaVonne Schroeter, Manager of the Atlantic Medivac division, will also continue in her position with the company. Bob Seivert says he “Looks forward to a long and productive relationship,” with the City, and will continue Miller’s open-door policy of communication.