Drug investigation nets 4 arrests in Shenandoah


June 14th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

Four people were taken into custody on drug charges earlier this week, in Shenandoah. According to Shenandoah Police. 23-year-old Sabrina Dawson, 25-year-old Nicholas Housh, 25-year-old Kevin Weil and 31-year-old Stefan Dority, were arrested Tuesday morning, on charges of gathering where a controlled substance was unlawfully used. The charges were the result of an investigation, and the execution of a search warrant at a residence in the 800 block of 9th Avenue ,in Shenandoah. 

Each of the individuals, with the exception of Weil, were cited into court and released. Weil, who also faces felony Possession with the Intent to Deliver and Failure to Affix a Drug Tax Stamp charges, along with an Aggravated Serious Misdemeanor charge of Child Endangerment without Injury, and a Serious Misdemeanor charge of Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, was unable to post a $13,300 bond. He was being held in the Page County Jail. A preliminary hearing in his case was set for June 20th.   

The suspects’ activities remain under investigation.