Cass County Supervisors adopt Illegal Dumping Ordinance


June 20th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

The Cass County Board of Supervisors today (Wednesday) adopted an Illegal Dumping Ordinance, followed a second public hearing on the matter, during which there were no comments received, and the second reading of the Ordinance. It was adopted after the third reading was waived. Supervisor Chuck Rieken said there’s still apparently some confusion out there about what areas of the County the Ordinance applies to, as evidenced by a conversation he recently had with a resident in Griswold.

Rieken said a gentleman stopped to ask him about a piano that was dumped behind a business in Griswold. The man had read about the ordinance, and wanted to know if the County had jurisdiction over the matter. Rieken informed him that is a matter for the City of Griswold, which can use the County’s Ordinance on Illegal Dumping as a template if it needs to, to control items disposed of within the City limits.

The Ordinance only applies to the Unincorporated areas of Cass County, not the individual Communities, some of which already have rules in place to deal with Illegal Dumping. The Ordinance also does not apply to controlled uses of broken-up concrete the County applies, as rip-rap along banks and streams for erosion control. County Engineer Charles Marker says a rural property owner can use broken up concrete for use as rip-rap along their banks and streams for erosion control, so long as it does not contain asphalt or oil-based materials. Most property owners will get the “safe” type of  concrete from the County, anyway.