Horse and bikes collide in Pott. County:2 injured


May 18th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

Two people were injured when a horse and a bicycle collided Thursday night south of Council Bluffs,in Pottawattamie County. Sheriff’s Department spokesman Sgt. Dwayne Riche told KJAN News the incident happened just before 9:30-p.m., on the Wabash Trail, about six-to seven-miles south of Council Bluffs. The injured were identified as 25-year old Elizabeth Cleveland, from Kansas, and 46-year old David Duscher, from Nebraska. Riche said there was an event leading up to the incident, which occurred during the ”Thursday Night Taco Ride,” on the trail. He said deputies were patrolling the trail near an area known as “Margaritaville,” when they observed two females consuming alcohol while riding on horses, in the heavily populated cycling area. The women were allegedly acting in a “Careless manner,” by riding their horses among the throngs of bicycle riders.

The women were repeatedly told to move the horses or ride in a less populated area, for safety reasons, or as the deputy advised “Somebody was going to get hurt.” The women left, but then returned. At 9:25-p.m. deputies were dispatched to the vicinity of Wabash Trail and Dumphries Road, where an overpass and trestle are located. Riche says it was reported that woman had fallen from her horse and suffered a broken leg. When officials arrived on the scene a few minutes later, they found a woman laying on the south side of the trail with an injury to her leg. A medical student on a bike was passing by and rendered aide to the female. 

The woman was identified as Elizabeth Cleveland. Her riding partner, 25-year old Lauren Heightman, from Iowa, told deputies they had been thrown from the horses. Heightman was not injured. She told deputies a bicyclist had hit her, causing the horses to buck and throw the women off. A bicyclist, later identified as Duscher, told authorities he was he and a friend were riding west on the trail. Both had lights on their bikes front and rear. They saw the women and their horses on the north side of the trail, and as they were passing them, one horse was spooked, and jumped into the path of the riders, causing the collision. Cleveland was transported by Lewis Township Fire and Rescue to the Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, for treatment. No charges have been filed in connection with the incident, at this time. 

Duscher suffered minor injuries but refused treatment at the scene.  He said the horses didn’t have any lights or reflectors on their saddlebags, and were very difficult to see. No charges have been filed at this time.