Atlantic City Council to vote on deer control & speed limit ordinances


May 1st, 2012 by Ric Hanson

The Atlantic City Council will discuss and vote on the first readings of two ordinances Wednesday evening. One of the ordinances pertains to Urban Deer Control. The Council tabled action on the ordinance last month, because the Community Protection Committee learned City Attorney Dave Weidersteen had included some language in the proposed ordinance that was not in their original draft. The committee has since reviewed the ordinance, and have worked with Weidersteen to make some modifications. The CPC recommends the Council approve the ordinance as amended.

The second ordinance is with regard to reducing the speed limit on East 22nd Street, from Whitney Street (Highway 71) to Olive Street, from 45- to 35-miles per hour. After receiving some negative feedback from the public last month, the Council voted down a proposal to lower the speed limit on both the east and west sections of 22nd Street from 45-to 35-mph.

Snyder and Associates Engineer Dave Sturm shared with the CPC at a recent meeting, the findings and recommendations of Snyder’s Traffic Engineer Todd Knox, who recommends, based on a study of actual speed of traffic on the road, to leave the speed limit where it is. Knox said “There could be some sight issues, both horizontal and vertical, that could justify changing the speed limits.”

City Administrator Doug Harris says the CPC discussed the findings with Police Chief Steve Green, and concurred with his findings, to lower the speed limit on the east section of 22nd Street, from 45- to 35-miles per hour. Factors figuring into that recommendation include driveways that are obscured from motorists’ view, the prospect of future development in the area, and the amount of pedestrian traffic on that stretch of road.

In other business, the Atlantic City Council will act on setting May 16th as the date for a public hearing on any proposed amendments to the Fiscal Year 2012 budget. Wednesday’s meeting begins at 5:30-p.m., in the Council’s Chambers at the Atlantic City Hall.