New group to promote & preserve Lewis & Clark Trail

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April 30th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

A new non-profit group will be devoted to the famed Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail which cuts through Iowa and ten other states. The Lewis & Clark Trust is basing its national headquarters in Omaha. Spokeswoman Stephanie Ambrose-Tubbs says the organization’s mission is to help preserve and promote the historic 37-hundred mile trail. Ambrose-Tubbs says, “If we want it to remain sustained for future generations, we need to promote it, to teach it and to protect it.” One of the Trust’s primary goals will be to nail down funding for the eastern expansion of the trail, known as the Eastern Legacy. She says raising money will be coupled with raising awareness for the historic trail as the top priorities. 

“The Lewis and Clark Trust will focus a laser beam light on the trail through partnerships, educational programs and an outreach to the entire country and even beyond,” she says. Calling themselves the Corps of Discovery, the group led by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark took a two-year expedition from Illinois to what’s now the state of Washington. Their remarkable journey began in 1804 and is documented along what is now the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. Ambrose-Tubbs says the trail is an important part of American history and the story — and the trail — need to be preserved for future generations.  “So that students are continually learning the lessons of the expedition, the ones that it teaches us about teamwork, leadership and enlightenment science,” she says. The trail stretches from St. Louis, Missouri to Oregon.

(Matt Kelley/Radio Iowa)