Atlantic School Board approves 4.5% package for certified staff


April 11th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

The Atlantic Community School District’s Board of Education Tuesday evening approved a proposed two-year Collective Bargaining Agreement with the district’s certified staff. Superintendent Dr. Michael Amstein said total package increase was 4.5-percent, for the 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 school years.  The package also addresses an issue he says several board members have expressed concern over: that being the need to do something for the teachers who handle extra-curricular activities, such as coaching. The proposal negotiated with the Atlantic Education Association basically bumps the pay scale from a BA+3 to BA+4 for 2012-2013, and BA+6 for 2013-2014.  Amstein said that puts the district in a better position to attract and retain teachers to coach for the district and handle similar, extra-curricular activities.

Josh Rasmussen, High School Assistant Principal and Activities Director, told the Board the two-year contract and bump in pay scale means at least two teachers who had been “on-the-fence” as far as willingness to stay with the district and coach, will likely stay on, and not look for work elsewhere. Amstein said he knows from experience how difficult it is for teachers to want to be involved with all the extra activities their job requires of them, when the rate of pay is not a motivating factor. He says he believes the contract approved Tuesday night is fair,  “One the district will be able to afford,” and is a “Good, two-year contract.”

JoAnne Sandage, representing the Education Association said they were also pleased with the two-year contract, which is something the district has offered to the support staff, but never the certified staff, prior to the new agreement.