Bluffs Police search for 4 attackers


March 6th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

A search is underway in Pottawattamie County for four men Council Bluffs police say attacked 33-year old Jason Muller outside of his home on South 8th Street Sunday afternoon. The suspects include one black male and 3 white males. Council Bluffs Police Dept. Sgt. Chad Meyers says they do not have a lot to go on. He says authorities are looking for a blue sedan. In each case, the descriptions are vague, but it’s all officials have to work with. 

Sgt. Meyers says around 3:00 Muller was working on his car and had gone into the house when he heard someone near his vehicle.  When he went outside to check it out he was attacked. Muller suffered severe facial injuries but will recover.  He says this is the same area where 40 year old Andrea Moulton was badly beaten on February 28th.  Meyers said there’s nothing to indicate at this time, that the two incidents are related. 

Both Moulton and Muller remain hospitalized.

(Karla James/Radio Iowa)