Audubon City Council meeting summary


March 27th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

The Audubon City Council Monday evening, approved a bid from U-S Water for a 5-year maintenance contract for maintenance of the City’s water/wastewater treatment plant. The City Clerk’s Office says the Council also passed a Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) Ordinance, with the addition of a definition of LSV as specified by Federal Regulations. The City already has in-place an ordinance pertaining to the use of golf carts on the streets.

The Council discussed an ordinance banning parking on residential lawns or yards within the City. They directed the City Attorney to write an ordinance to that effect, and may act on approving it during their next meeting. In addition, the Council passed a resolution establishing City employee compensation practices, which includes the definition of: A work week; work hours; vacation and holiday policy, along with sick leave.

And, the Audubon City Council discussed, but took no action on matters pertaining to the solid waste transfer station. A meeting between the County, the City and a 28-E Committee tasked with coming to an agreement on the issue is set for April 3rd in the Memorial Building. The Supervisors had earlier threatened to pull-out of the 28-E agreement, which would leave the individuals cities within the County to determine whether they would continue to participate in the agreement, or not.