Red Cross holding mass training in southwest Iowa


February 24th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

The American Red Cross chapter that serves southwest Iowa is hosting what’s called a Mass Care Boot Camp starting next week for those interested in volunteering. Chapter spokeswoman Alyson Roach says the free event is a great way for those who were considering getting involved to learn about the program. Roach says, “It’s a chance for new volunteers to get to know the Red Cross and think of what they might fit into in the organization.” Roach says those who attend the boot camp will see what options are available to volunteers. How a person serves depends on their availability and lifestyle. Roach says some volunteers are able to travel and go to disaster sites for several weeks at a time, like last year’s tornado in Joplin, Missouri.

“We have volunteers who respond periodically to big disasters in other states,” she says. “Other volunteers respond weekly to house fires.” Roach says those attending the boot camp will be able to see what positions are available. She notes, volunteers are not assigned to certain areas but select how they want to help.

She says, “What a volunteer is available to do and what they want to train for is entirely up to that individual.” The goal of the free boot camp is to boost the number of local volunteers after last year’s busy storm season and Missouri River flood. The classes run February 27th through March 4th. Classes will be held in Omaha and in Council Bluffs. Learn more at “”. 

(Matt Kelley/Radio Iowa)