Greenfield repair & recycling business destroyed by fire


February 16th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

Another, close-up view of the fire

Greenfield Fire 107 W. Iowa St.

An early morning fire has destroyed a tire, repair and recycling business in Greenfield. Charlie Abell, owner of Charlie’s Tire Plus at 107 West Iowa Street, told KJAN News when he got the call just after 4-a.m., he thought it was a joke. He said a buddy on his way to work called to say “Your building is on fire.” Abell, who lives 20-miles away said he could see the flames on approach, about 5-miles east of town. Abell, who opened the business last August 2011 and but has been in the repair business for nearly 20-years, said the loss is a setback, but he’ll try bounce back. He says his entire life savings was invested in the business. He has insurance, but it won’t cover all of the damage.

A vacant, adjacent structure formerly occupied by the Cornerstone Fellowship church sustained roof damage from the flames and firefighting efforts.  Firefighters from Greenfield and three area departments were called-in to fight the blaze, the cause of which remains under investigation.  Abell says no one was injured, but there was a close call. He says firefighters were going to cut the door open when an LP tank on a forklift exploded and blew the door out. Fortunately, none of the firefighters were nearby when the explosion occurred.