Grandchild & prize-winner phone scams surface in Cass County


February 9th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

A few weeks ago, the Pottawattamie County Sheriff’s Office warned residents about a phone scam taking place in the area. Now Cass County authorities are saying the same thing. As we’ve warned you time and time again, these phone scams target mainly the  elderly, and they involve calls from someone claiming to be a persons grandchild. The supposed grandchild always says they are in trouble with the law, and need money wired to them right away.

Another age-old phone scam involves the caller saying you’ve won a prize, but in order to receive it, you need to wire a certain amount of money to persons out of state. The Cass County Sheriff’s Office says if you receive the “grandchild in trouble”  type of calls, make certain you are sure of the caller’s identity. Before wiring money to someone who seems like they are a relative, hang up the phone and attempt to call that relative or other relatives on your own, to be sure of the situation. You can also call the law enforcement agency where the alleged “grandchild” was being held, to confirm their status.

If you receive a prize-winning-type call, keep in mind that winning a VALID prize will not require you to pay anything to anyone. Most importantly…do not give out any personal information to persons who may call you, such as social security number, bank account number, credit of debit card information. Following this simple rule, can help prevent identity theft, a loss of your hard earned money, and a bad credit rating resulting from stolen financial information.