Duplex fire in Atlantic


February 2nd, 2012 by Ric Hanson

Firefighters in Atlantic were called to the scene of a residential fire this (Thursday) afternoon, in a duplex located at 2101 Chestnut Street.

South side of 2101 Chesnut Street in Atlantic

 Atlantic Fire Chief Mark McNees said the fire was called in by a person living on one side of the home. He says the resident was awoken by smoke and tried to find her neighbors, but they were already gone. The chief says the house was fully engulfed in flames along the south, or back side of the structure, when fire fighters arrived. He says after speaking with the owners, it appears discarded smoking materials on the deck fanned by winds created the sparks that caused the fire.

McNees said they were still trying to determine exactly where the flames started, but he thought it might have been on some patio furniture.

Fire at 2101 Chesnut, closer view (Ric Hanson photo)

 The house sustained severe fire and smoke damage and will likely be declared a total loss. A single female lived in one half of the duplex. McNees says he believes a couple and their child lived on the other side. No injuries were reported.