Numerous people cited in Cass County for Possession of Alcohol under legal age


January 4th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

The Cass County Sheriff’s Office reports that as the result of an anonymous tip received on December 28th, and a subsequent check on a rural party, 14 people were cited into magistrate’s court for Possession of Alcohol Underage. Among those cited was: 20-year old Mackinze Marie Anstey, of Cumberland; 19-year old Jaxson D. Armstrong, of Anita; 19-year old Angela Whitney Arp, of Massena; 19-year old Paige Holland Dinkla, of Massena; 18-year old Laura Lee Beth Dolch, of Atlantic; 18-year old Taylor May Dorsey, of Anita; 19-year old Delbert Franklin Dale Halcomb, of Dallas Center; 19-year old Shay Dean Kaufman, of Anita; 19-year old Tanner Stuart Runyan, of Massena; 18-year old Preslee Ann Sisler, of Anita; 19-year old Kelsey May Smith, of Anita; 18-year old Makaye Diane Smith, of Anita; 19-year old Alex C. Stork, of Atlantic, and 20-year old James Dylan Swanson, of Marne. In addition, one juvenile male was also cited into juvenile court for being a Minor in Possession of alcohol.