More complaints filed against Bluffs anesthesiologist


January 12th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

Additional complaints have been filed against a Council Bluffs anesthesiologist accused last month of sexual misconduct and professional incompetency. Three women have stepped forward to accuse 48-year old Dr. Michael Prescher of wrongdoing. The women alleged Prescher treated them when his office was closed and no other staff were present. They also alleged: that he gave them an I-V sedation before he administered pain management injections; they were unconscious for lengthy periods of time; and, that Prescher did not charge them for the procedures, even though the women had insurance. One of the women also alleges Prescher released her to drive home alone, while she was under the influence of sedation.

The new charges led the Iowa Board of Medicine to amend the charges against Prescher, who lives in Omaha. The Board issued an emergency order in December, suspending Prescher’s license, for allegedly engaging in sexual misconduct and professional incompetency, for performing injection procedures for pain treatment on two female patients who were under sedation. Prescher denied any wrongdoing in association with the first two allegations. Council Bluffs Police conducted an investigation into the initial allegations made last month, and concluded that the investigations should end without any formal criminal filings. Pottawattamie County Attorney Matt Wilber said the evidence gathered by police was insufficient to secure a conviction against Prescher.

Under terms of the emergency order, Prescher is prohibited from practicing medicine until the matter is resolved. He’s scheduled to appear before the Board during a hearing today in Des Moines. The hearing is not open to the public.