Burn Ban placed into effect in Pottawattamie County


January 31st, 2012 by Ric Hanson

With abnormally warm temperatures and several months of below normal precipitation the rural areas of Pottawattamie County are extremely dry. In the past few weeks several rural fire departments in Pottawattamie County have responded to grass and wildland fires. This week Emergency Management polled the rural fire departments of Pottawattamie County after several Departments inquired as to a burn ban in the County. All rural Departments agreed to the ban and the ban was approved today (Tuesday), by the State Fire Marshall in Des Moines.

Effective 8-a.m. Wednesday, February 1st, all open burning will be banned within the rural areas of Pottawattamie County until further notice, under Chapter 100 of the Iowa Code. An application to your local fire chief can be obtained to allow a permit for an open burn if your local Fire Official believes it is safe to do so. After approval of the permit, several County entities are informed to lessen the danger of false alarms. This is a dangerous situation and officials say they are relying on the public to assist them in enforcing the ban. The conditions are currently favorable for a fast moving wildland fire that can destroy property and be life threatening if uncontrolled. If the area  begins to receive adequate moisture, a revocation of the ban will be considered by the rural Fire Chiefs. A violation of the burn ban is a simple misdemeanor offense.