(CORRECTION)Cass Supervisers approve Indigent Disposition Policy


December 30th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

(please note this is a correction to an earlier version of this story which posted on KJAN.com, which indicated the maximum paid for the burial of a deceased indigent person was $2,500. It should have said $2,000)

The Cass County Board of Supervisors today (Friday), approved the final version of an Indigent Disposition Policy (formerly called an Indigent Burial Policy). The policy states a maximum of $2,000 will be paid by the County for the burial of a deceased indigent person, or a maximum of $1,500 for a cremation. That includes the mandatory Medical Examiner certification fee. Burial or cremation is limited to: A casket, vault, or cremation container; Funeral Director fees and, other normal expenses required for burial or cremation. In addition, the County will pay the reasonable and customary cemetery expenses, not to exceed $550, or for burial of cremains, $200. Any unusual transportation or other expenses beyond those amounts may be submitted to the Board of Supervisors for approval. The Board has the complete and sole discretion to decide upon reimbursement of those costs.

The policy also states the family or interested persons associated with the deceased, shall sign an agreement to repay the County, from any resources or benefits that belong to, or are due to, the deceased person. That would include: life insurance; real estate; personal property; social security, railroad or other benefits; memorial and fundraiser monies; contracts; and, bank accounts, annuities, stocks, bonds, and Certificates of Deposits (C.D.’s). Applications for disposition benefits must be made in writing as soon as possible following the death of an indigent person, to the Cass County General Assistance Office or Veterans Affairs Office. Eligibility for benefits will be determined by the General Assistance Coordinator or Veterans Affairs Ordinances, as deemed appropriate.