CAM School Board sees limited but positive interest in on-line school


December 20th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

About 10 people showed-up at Monday night’s meeting of the CAM School District’s Board of Education. Those who were in attendance had a chance to hear a report on the a possible partnership with Connections Education, to form a free K-12 online learning center within the district. CAM Superintendent Steve Pelzer said the meeting, which was part of the regular school board session, was chance for people to find out what the district’s learned so far about the online school. He says while the turnout was low, those who did attend the meeting were interested in the topic. He said some of the people in the audience weren’t even from the CAM District, but had read or heard about the program, and wanted to know more. 

Pelzer said those who listened to what was said seemed to have favorable comments about the program, which would operate independently of the CAM District’s educational program and would serve students statewide in the open enrollment process.  He said before they can make a decision though, there are a couple of issues that need to be addressed. One is a funding issue. The district he says, needs to get an opinion from the Department of Education as to whether the program can be fully funded. They’re also waiting to hear from the District’s Attorney with regard to a Products and Services Agreement with Connections.

Pelzer says it’s “Kind of a waiting game right now,” but the Board is still interested in moving forward. He says they “Just have to have some things answered, first.”. A decision on whether the district should partner with Connection will have to be made prior to the March 1st deadline for open enrollment applications.