SW IA Recovery Network Now Accepting Applications for Summer Flood Assistance


November 16th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

Officials with the Southwest Iowa Recovery Network (SWIRN), say thanks to the generosity of the Iowa West Foundation (IWF),  SWIRN is now accepting applications to assist families affected by summer flooding. The additional resource may assist those with unmet human services needs and aid in reducing the suffering caused by the flooding and home displacement.  Eligible families affected by the flood may receive as much as $1,000 to assist with their recovery, although actual amounts will vary according to need.  In addition, applicants may receive valuable information and referral to other agencies and programs that may be able to assist with recovery planning. 

Requests for financial assistance should fall into one of the following categories: housing repairs due to flood damage; temporary housing for relocation after the flood; childcare during the immediate time after the flood due to relocation; personal items lost due to flooding, including transportation replacement or repairs due to flooding; Mental Health Services and items needed to fight household flooding. 

Those interested in assistance should call SWIRN at 712-435-5661 to schedule a phone or face-to-face meeting.  Application, photo ID and proof of disaster address (example: utility bill) and FEMA number will be required.  FEMA registration is required prior to granting financial assistance.  

It’s anticipated that funds will be distributed before the end of the calendar year. This program is funded by the Iowa West Foundation and administered by the American Red Cross, on behalf of SWIRN and supported by local long term recovery committees in the affected counties.