Smart Planning the Iowa Way


November 11th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

Sustainable development through smart planning will be showcased tomorrow (Saturday, Nov. 12th), in Greenfield, during the annual meeting of 1000 Friends of Iowa. Part of the day will be spent touring Greenfied’s town square, which has been a Main Street community since 1995, and showcases how the community has not allowed its city core to fall into disrepair.

Jay Howe is one of the backers who have refurbished the Hotel Greenfield, where the meeting will be held. He says it made sense to fix up the facility. “We are reducing the carbon footprint so to speak in contrast, let’s say, to promoting the constuction of a box hotel out on the highway strip.”  Howe says The Hotel Greenfield received $2-million in grants and is now open for business.  “Some of the stimulus money that became available at the time we were shovel-ready, so to speak. The  U.S. and Iowa historic rehabilitation credits are available that we can use to help fund the project.”

Altogether, Greenfield developers have obtained over $6.2-million and are currently rehabbing four other buildings, including the Opera House, turning it into a cultural center.  1000 Friends of Iowa will also be awarding their Best Development Awards, which showcase examples of growth and leadership that incorporate Smart Planning Principles.

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(Courtesy the Iowa News Service)