Trading Post

November 21st, 2011 by Jim Field

FOR SALE: A prom/winter formal dress. $15 was a size 9/10 but it was altered to a 4/5. Black with jewels in front strapless dress. e-mail address is

WANTED FOR FREE: Bagged leave to use around edge of my house for winter….Please call Jenny @ 712-254-3276..Thanks!

FOR SALE: Nackamichi 2 head cassette deck that you plug in to an AM/FM receiver that can be used at home…has a built in equalizer.  $20.  Also for sale is metal tool box thats 1 foot by 506 inches its #10 and in good shape.  778-5131.

FOR SALE: Set of four rims/tires from a ’94 Chevy.  6 bolt aluminum 245 70 16’s.  Two are about half there, the other two are in fair condition.  $200 for the whole set.  304-4262.

FOR SALE: Two cockapoo puppies…one black and one buff colored.  $300 each.  249-6930.

WANTED:  Mobile home doors that are 32 x 78.  243-2890.

FOR SALE: Arens self propelled snow blower.  Its 27″ and starts and runs great.  Has an adjustable hood.  249-1453

WANTED: Willing to cut down trees if you cannot afford a tree service.  The work would be done to help people out, as he would not use the wood for personal use.  He would not be able to do anything more than 2 feet across…also could only cut down trees in more open areas.  Also has firewood for sale…freshly cut red elm.  778-4672.