Atlantic City Council to hold public hearing on City owned property


November 1st, 2011 by Ric Hanson

The City Council in Atlantic will hold a public hearing Wednesday, with regard to the disposition of city property. The property consists of 7.6-acres of land located more or less northwest of the intersection of Olive and Commerce Streets in Atlantic. The hearing will be followed by a resolution approving the disposition of that property, and discussion, as well as possible action on the sale of the parcel.

City Administrator Doug Harris says the land was included in a list of City-owned parcels which were advertised for farm leases. John McCurdy, of Atlantic, held a high bid of $300 per acre for the land, but Dave Chase, representing Nishna Valley Trails, informed the Council during their last meeting, that he had been in discussions with Ted Wickman, about getting an easement that would connect the Schildberg Quarry east, to Olive Street.

Chase said Wickman had been farming the 7.6-acre parcel since he gave it to the City in 1986, along with 10-acres of land the City owns just east of Schildberg Recreation Area Lake number 2. Harris says he was unable to find any record of the City being aware of the arrangement. He added, that Wickman didn’t submit a bid for lease of the property, Dave Chase indicated he would interested in buying or leasing it. That would be contingent on Wickman being allowed to farm both City parcels. Given the sensitivity of the matter, the City Council at their last meeting, decided to hold-off on accepting McCurdy’s bid and schedule the public hearing, to allow for discussion on what should be done with the site, and find a fair resolution on the matter.

The Atlantic City Council will also hold the second reading of an ordinance adding a chapter to the City’s Code of Ordinances, with regard to a Minimum Maintenance Code, which is designed to keep properties from deteriorating to the point they become dilapidated and/or dangerous. The ordinance would require property owners to keep structures in reasonably good repair.

The City Council meeting begins at 5:30-p.m., Wednesday. For those unable to attend, it will be broadcast live on local cable channel 18, and rebroadcast at other times during the week.